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Welcome to GLFHC - Greater Lawrence Family Health Center

The Greater Lawrence Family Health Center is one of more than 900 community health centers providing medical care in isolated and impoverished areas across the country.

Prior to GLFHC's establishment in 1980, the indigent and the uninsured living in Lawrence and neighboring communities had few health care alternatives. Consequently, Lawrence lagged behind the rest of Massachusetts on virtually all health status indicators.


State Stimulus Office Visits GLFHC

Jeffrey Simon, the Director of the Massachusetts Recovery and Reinvestment Office, visited GLFHC to see firsthand the progress taking place at our North Site Renovation and Expansion Project. GLFHC has received more than $1.5 million in stimulus funding to expand our oldest clinical site. Director Simon was clearly impressed by what he saw. After talking with both staff and patients, he wrote on his "Faces of Economic Recovery" blog: "I could see that the Health Center lies at the heart of this diverse community...a community that deserves a health center that can accommodate its needs - and, thanks to Stimulus - it's getting it."


  Profile in Caring: Dr. Serena Dee
Dr. Serena Dee joined the GLFHC staff in 1988. Since her arrival, Dr. Dee has taken on almost every role available to a clinician. Her quiet, sweet, and unassuming manner belies her strength as a leader. Whether organizing a series of workshops on environmental toxins and endocrine disrupters and their potential negative effects on human growth and development or taking charge of treatment plans and prevention education during the city's deadly meningitis outbreak a decade ago, Serena calmly provides exceptional care using public health principles.

  Giving Back – A Doctor’s Annual Trip to Ghana
In March, GLFHC clinician Vince Waite, accompanied by 3rd-year resident Dorothy DeGuzman, traveled to northern Ghana where they spent three weeks in the remote village of Nalerigu. In this village, resources are scarce. Homes consist of huts constructed with mud. Situated among these simple buildings, however, is a hospital that has been serving the people of the region for over 60 years. Baptist Medical Center is a full-service medical facility where patients receive medicines, deliver babies, receive Public Health services, and undergo surgeries. It is also the only clinic of its kind for a hundred miles and, on clinic days, staff care for as many as 500 patients a day.

GLFHC in Haiti with Diane Gatchell

Editors note: Diane Gatchell is GLFHC's Director of Pharmacy. She, along with Elane Lee, Nurse Practitioner and other GLFHC staff members are in Haiti this week, assisting with the continued relief efforts there.

GLFHC is an Accredited Health Care Organization that is in compliance with all standards as set forth by The Joint Commission